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About us

Joganics is a family run, ethical skincare brand based in Wales and makes small batches of handmade beautiful skincare using organic and wildcrafted ingredients from around the world. The range includes organic body butters, lip balms, oils and body wash, with a full range of organic facial skincare and soaps on its way, soon. The pure plant ingredients used have all been specially chosen for their natural healing properties, giving a wonderful sense of comfort and luxury to our products so you can enjoy using them day after day.

Joganics cares passionately about skincare and organic ingredients. Founder, Joanna, has a background in beauty and holistic therapies and always followed the belief of dealing with or treating the whole of someone and not just a part of them. Joanna always used the highest quality spray tan solutions but she often wondered what ingredients were going into the skin care products she used during facials, even if the labels said that they were natural. Joanna wondered how beneficial the therapies were for her clients, given that the skin is our largest organ. After a while of running a mobile beauty and holistic business, Joanna ran a small salon in Cardiff, moving to a slightly bigger premises closer to her home town in 2009.

In 2011, Joanna's yearning to move to the city took over so having already sold her salon, it was time for a change and that's when her journey to making cosmetics started. Joanna's close childhood friend had already founded a Welsh cosmetic company and invited Joanna along to her first Body butter and body oil course and that was it, Joanna was hooked, needless to say there have been many courses, studying and research going on since!

Besides reasearching the main ingredients such as butters and oils, a lot of joanna's research has gone into toxic ingredients such as; certain preservatives, SLES, SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances and artificial colours and it's these ingredients that Joganics avoids completely.

Since 2013, Joanna's passion for organic skincare has grown rapidly and on a much deeper level. A significant part of Joganics products are made from organic essential oils which are farmed throughout the world. Many of these oils come from poorer parts of the world. Joanna feels it is her responsibility to ensure that organic essential oil supplies are not only environmentally but ethically produced in a manner which looks after both the environment and the people that work there.

Direct work with the growers wherever possible

By using many suppliers that deal direct with farmers we can ensure that ingredients we buy are farmed ethically and with environmental responsibility.

Ethics & Environment

We will not buy Indian Sandalwood where not only people die for its production, but the trees, which take nearly 200 years to grow and provide an amazing habitat for wildlife are cut without regard.

Co-operatives and Community

We do however love to support co-operatives and local projects, where people have come together to find a way to bring prosperity, work and hope to their communities, where their local environment is their home and therefore they do not abuse it.

Eliminate Carbon Footprint

Apart from supporting local businesses for our business needs, we also look to support as many eco-friendly businesses, trying to eliminate our carbon footprint wherever possible. Here at Joganics we have peace of mind knowing we try every way possible to constantly assess our production, continuing to reflect on our core values. Recently we embarked on a new way to print some of our business needs, taking advantage of a new generation of eco-friendly toners, that are waterless, vegetable oil based, producing a chemical free print and that also use the Xerox Eco Box scheme to recycle used toner.

The ways in which we operate at Joganics reflect our core values of ethical and sustainable living. We recycle everything we can, including business waste, such as boxes and packaging, which doesn’t mean sending our waste away to be pulped at a plant but we donate to our local art school for art and craft projects.


Based on the principle that luxury and beauty need not be compromised when making ethical packaging choices, we use amazing trusted suppliers for our gift boxes, all of them made from 100% recycled material. All of our packaging needs must meet our stringent environmental specifications, which means packaging is either 100% biodegradable, recycled or recyclable. Even our environmentally friendly packaging fill is 100% biodegradable from renewable sources and is light, clean and odour free!

Apart from using 15ml glass jars for our organic lip balms, all of our product packaging is PET plastic. Unlike PVC it is fully recyclable and if it is put in landfill degrades without leaching any chemicals into the soil. The lightweight nature of PET means there are low environmental transport costs and the energy used in recycling PET is about 1/10 of the energy used in recycling a plastic bottle.

Fairtrade & Cooperatives in Ghana

We’re committed to having a positive impact on emerging economies in the developing world. We support cooperatives in Ghana that process and produce our organic shea butter and organic Raw Shea butter, which happen to be our two key ingredients that we use. The Cooperative Multipurpose Society in Ghana employs women in the local community and is an important source of income for them. The workers harvest, gather and prepare the raw ingredients to produce the Organic shea butter in a way that does not disturb the local ecosystem.

Joganics chose to support this cooperative as they adhere to Fairtrade guidelines and represent a new breed of companies that focus on fair prices, good working conditions, sustainability and fair terms of trade. Joganics believes that good business can make the world a better place.

We are a legally certified manufacturer of personal care products and hold all relevant cosmetic product safety reports and insurance policies, ensuring our compliance with current EU regulations.

***PLEASE READ PRIOR TO PURCHASING**** Please be aware as we enter the warmer seasons products may deflate slightly or possibly melt in hot temperatures. It does not affect the safety or quality of the product, merely the texture and/or appearance. Please keep this in mind when ordering during warm months. Thank you!***

The beneficial effects of our products can vary depending on the user. At Joganics Ltd The information provided regarding the beneficial properties of our products is reliant upon popular opinion (including medicinal and beauty). We do not express any of the opinions as a matter of fact. we describe and advertise our products in good faith.

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